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Between shootings of teens or children


Households with children and unlocked firearms


Firearm suicides every year

Fingerprint Authentication

An advanced fingerprint sensor built into the smart gun reads your fingerprint when you pick up the firearm to make sure that the owner has allowed you to use it.

Multiple Users

Each smart gun can register as many users as you need. You have full control over who is allowed to use the firearm and can sell the firearm to a new owner.

Long Battery Life

The current prototype lasts around a year on a single charge. It notifies you long before running out of battery and can easily be recharged from any cell-phone charger in an hour or less.

Quick Access

The final design will unlock in 0.5 seconds and lock even faster. This means that your firearm will always be available for use, and can never be used against you, even if you are disarmed.

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Kai Kloepfer

Kai Kloepfer


“I started developing this technology at the age of 15 after I started to realize just how much of a problem we have with gun violence – and the lack of any feasible solution. While the technology is a fundamental aspect of seeing this succeed (and I have won international awards for my tech), early on I recognized that working with the public to build understanding and support is critical to the success of a smart gun. Therefore I have spent the last three years actively engaged in the smart firearm discussion as a public speaker, working with media and doing other outreach to help eliminate misunderstandings as well as to learn from my customers what they need in a smart gun.”

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