The next generation of home defense.

A firearm that's yours alone to control.

Biofire is building a handgun that only fires for you. The world’s first biometric Smart Gun is ready to fire when you pick it up.

For anyone else, the gun remains locked and secure.

The Biofire Smart Gun public launch is fast approaching. By requesting to join the waitlist, you can gain first-in-line access to this revolutionary firearm—and the ability to place your order before the general public.

A better way to secure your gun.

The firearm you choose for home and self-defense serves you best when it's close at hand and ready to use. But an unsecured firearm invites unauthorized use - by children, thieves, or anyone else. Too often, unauthorized use leads to a tragic outcome.

So we're building a better option for gun owners who want more control over who can access their weapon.

Committed to responsible gun ownership. 

Biofire brings together gun owners, engineers, and parents who are motivated to create new choices for keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

Our mission-driven approach has garnered support from the firearm community, the tech world, and the media.

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“What Biofire gets right is technology that’s almost invisible to the user...”
- The Wall Street Journal

“[Biofire's product] could help good gun owners be better gun owners without legal mandates or restrictions on access to firearms.”
- The Wall Street Journal