Our Mission

Biofire is building the future of firearms for the modern firearm owner who values safety as much as readiness. We are building paradigm-shifting solutions that can reduce Gun Violence in the United States without impacting the rights of responsible gun owners. Electronically locked Smart Guns provide owners the control to secure their firearm without restricting their ability to access it when needed. We support civilian firearm ownership, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, and simultaneously recognize that the substantial public health issues resulting from unsecured firearms.


We believe that technology is the logical and critical next step in the evolution of firearms. Technology has the ability to improve firearms not only in terms of gun safety but the overall functionality and reliability of the product. The advancements that are made possible through technology are much-needed change in an industry that has largely stopped innovating.

Responsible Gun Ownership

We support a holistic approach to responsible gun ownership. We believe that the safest firearm is one that only the owner and those they choose can access. Offering owners a reliable, easy to use Smart Gun is a no-compromise solution that provides them the same speed of access as an unsecured firearm and the peace of mind of a secure safe.

Preventing Gun Violence

Two-thirds of gun violence is the result of suicides and accidents, enabled in part by unsecured firearms. We believe Smart Guns play an important role in preventing these unnecessary accidents and deaths by ensuring that the owner has complete control in securing their firearms from an unwanted user, such as a child or teenager. Learn more about the potential social impact of our Smart Gun.

Our Team

Our diverse, Denver-based team is always looking for technical and non-technical individuals interested in working with us to help catalyze change, build incredible products and save lives. If this describes you, check out our open jobs or apply via our general application.

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Biofire smart gun being tested at gun range
Kai Kloepfer headshot


Kai Kloepfer

Innovator in Smart Gun tech­nology, with deep experience designing, developing and marketing smart guns. He was selected at age nineteen as a Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology and has been internationally recognized by the WSJ, NYT, Forbes, CBS and many more for his work with Smart Guns.

Recognition & Awards

Biofire has sparked a conversation around innovation in an industry that has largely stopped advancing and advanced the development of advanced firearms that traditional manufacturers have refused to consider.

Intel ISEF

2013 Intel ISEF First Place Award


Smart Tech Challenges Founding Class of 2015

Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes 30 Under 30


2018 MassChallenge Finalist