About Us

About us

A vision for a safer choice.

Since CEO Kai Kloepfer founded Biofire in 2016, the company has won respect and accolades from gun owners and supporters who believe in technology’s potential to help reduce firearm accidents, criminal misuse, suicides and other tragic outcomes. 

Obsessed with engineering excellence.

The idea of building a personalized firearm is decades old; the challenge is designing a Smart Gun that is ultra-reliable, simple to use, and easy to maintain. At Biofire, we are building a home defense weapon that just works when you need it, every single time.

We’re laser-focused on quality and safety in everything we do, and we have the experience to back it up. In past roles, Biofire employees have built satellites, cars, medical devices, rockets, robots, supersonic jets, fire rings, and, of course, firearms.

Led by experience

Looking for ambitious thinkers.

We’re looking for talented people to join Biofire’s Engineering, Customer, and Operations Teams at our Denver-area headquarters and remotely. If our mission speaks to you, visit our Careers page to apply.