Familiar experience

With cutting edge technology to make an inherently safer firearm

Advanced Fingerprint Sensor

The Biofire Smart Gun looks like any other firearm. The only noticeable difference is an advanced fingerprint sensor built into the grip. The sensor uses the latest world-class technology to ensure security and reliability.

Fingerprint Recognition

When an authorized user picks up the Smart Gun, it instantly reads their fingerprint. No button pushing or special steps required. It just works.

Authenticate and Unlock

The fingerprint is verified to match an authorized user of the Biofire Smart Gun. When the user’s fingerprint is recognized, the Smart Gun unlocks. If an unauthorized user picks up the gun, it will not unlock. The whole process works in under one second.

Instant Locking

The gun locks instantly when an authorized user sets the gun down, drops the gun, or is disarmed.

Completely Secure

Unlike a smartphone, the Smart Gun cannot be hacked. There are no communication devices built into the gun — no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or phone app. That means it's impossible to comprise the gun remotely.

To make the gun even more secure, it doesn't store images of users' fingerprints. Instead, the gun records an encrypted mathematical representation of the user's fingerprint. This gives the Biofire Smart Gun world-class security. It also means that government organizations will not have access to the fingerprints.

Extended Battery Life

Each Smart Gun uses a rechargeable battery that will last for up to a year with regular use. It is designed to warn a user well in advance when it needs to be charged. That way, your Smart Gun will be ready to use anytime, anywhere.