Making Guns Safer to Use

Gun safety isn't about restricting access to firearms. It's about making firearms safer to use.

Biofire gun unloaded
1.7 M Households with children and unlocked firearms

Traditional firearms are only as safe as their owners keep them. If the owner hasn't manually locked a traditional gun, it's not safe. Smart locking technology removes the chance of human error.

21 K Firearm suicides every year

An unfortunate truth is that many of these suicides are carried out with a firearm that the victim does not own. Technology can restrict access to firearms and help prevent suicide.

700 Children killed or injured with firearms last year

These injuries and deaths are often the results of accidents. Properly securing firearms will prevent children from being injured or worse.

The Mission

Biofire is building the future of firearms with an intelligent locking mechanism designed right into the gun. Our technology helps responsible gun owners to better secure their firearms from unwanted users, such as a child or teenager while maintaining the owner's ability and right to use the firearm when needed. This technology has the potential to prevent over two-thirds of gun deaths that are a result of suicide and accident, areas that regulation and education can't reach.